Lavender Smudge Stick by Catherine Rising


White sage bundled with lavender and a white rose.  Smudge sticks are about three inches long and are hand tied with vintage cotton floss.

Each piece is one of a kind.  Size and color varies.

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Lavender Smudge Stick by Catherine Rising

Sage is traditionally burned ceremonially in purification rituals.  It can clear a physical or mental space of stagnant or negative energy. Additionally white sage brings wisdom and is calming and healing. And lavender attracts positive energy and love.

When to smudge:

When you move to a new space or office: Clearing out past energies and starting new.

When you’re feeling angry, upset, or negative: Anytime you feel conflict in your life or you’re struggling with something in particular smudging is a great reset button. If you’re married a smudging sessions is perfect after an argument to reset the relationship and expel the negative energy that remains. 

When there’s a significant life event: Think marriage, birth, death, sickness, job change, or a change of seasons. Since smudging clears the space of the past and makes room for the future it’s the perfect way to embark on your new adventure. 


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