Naked Time!!

 In Daily

Yesterday someone commented and eluded to that fact they were concerned about the health of my children and lack of clothing. Insert biggest eye roll ever. I immediately deleted the comment because it just made me feel icky and I wanted to erase it from my mind. However, if you know me, things like this are hard to shake. Yes, I share photos of my kids without clothes on. Yes they have naked time. Please remember that a photo is a second in time and not a permanent view into someones life. It is an elusion. Often times, these photos are snapped after changing a diaper, showers or baths, in the morning when we are getting ready for the day. After a massive blow out. Have you ever watched your baby or childs face when you remove their diaper or clothing? Tickled their bare belly with your hair? Watched them with a fluffy blanket or stuffed animal? If you haven’t watched them closely during this time, you should. Its magical. Worried about a little baby pee. Me too but it can be washed up! I also want to point out that some of my photo ops are done while the littlest is napping. During this time, I actually remove his clothing while he is asleep and prop him in the photos. YES!!. Crazy he allows me to do it but he does and I love it. I was going to save that for a feature Im doing over at @momtog next month but the timing was perfect. A lot of the photos I take are for my Etsy shops. The perfectionist in me believes that clothing can distracting. I’ll choose neutral clothing or neutral colored diapers. Most of all, who doesn’t love soft marshmallow baby skin.

Now, not only were they concerned about naked time but they said he wears thin clothing outdoors. A little PSA, bulky coats and winter gear should not be worn in car seats. On a cold day if we are venturing out he wears layers under his fleece footed pajamas and a stocking cap is key! My car is warm. When we leave the car he his bundled up with me under my coat, a blanket it if we are going far but honestly the parking lot to the target entrance isnt far!! His coat is in the car in case of an emergency. If he isnt bundled with me and he’s in a shopping cart, the walk was short. The weather was fine. He was laughing and smiling. And possibly trying to eat the snow flakes that were falling from above.

Maybe instead of judging or assuming something take a big deep breath….look up at the big beautiful sky…remember we are all here together…and stick your tongue out and hopefully catch a tiny perfect snowflake. Be kind to one another. Sprinke that shit people!!!


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