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Every year The Lydia House teams up with Channel 94.1 to collect diapers for The Lydia House, a division of the Open Door Mission, to be distributed to young mothers with infant children.   I’ll be taking diaper donations at two locations this year.  First stop is Bench Made Saturday Nov 18th.  In exchange for one package of diapers I will be taking 20% off your purchase.    For those unable to make the show. I’ve provided a link to donate. Even if its $5, it adds up and is so greatly appreciated. If donating online, in the drop down box select the Lydia House and in comments please add a note that your donation is for Channel 941.1 diaper drive.   Here is the secure link

I also be taking donations at Handmade Omaha Saturday Nov 25th and Sunday Nov 26th.

I couldn’t imagine the feeling of not being able to provide an every day necessity like diapers.  As a mother having to worry about those little buns not being comfortable, dry, and warm would be so heartbreaking.

Here is some additional information about the Open Door Mission was founded in 1954 committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Each day, Open Door Mission’s campus offers 816 safe, shelter beds to homeless men, women and children, serves over 2,000 hot, nutritious meals and provides preventive measures to more than 275 people living in poverty.

Here are few facts about todays homeless population:

  • Approximately 20,000 people are homeless in Nebraska every night.
  • Approximately 2,000 people are homeless in Omaha every night.
  • The average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
  • More than 3.5 million people are homeless every night, and 1.35 million are children.
  • More than 30 percent of homeless families have an open case for child abuse or neglect.
  • Of the 31.1 million people living in poverty, more than 12 million are children.
  • Families with children represent 23 percent of the homeless.
  • Nationally, about 50 percent of all homeless women and children are fleeing domestic violence.
  • Studies indicate that 40 percent of homeless men have served in the armed forces, compared to 34 percent in the general population.
  • The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans estimates that on any given night 271,000 veterans are homeless in the United States.
  • About 16 percent of adult homeless people suffer from severe and persistent mental illness.
  • It is estimated that 30 percent of homeless single adults suffer from substance abuse and addiction.
  • Up to 25 percent of the urban homeless population is employed.

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