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Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard guest Kristen Bell. This one looks long, I know!  If you have the time it’s beautiful. They are so real and down to earth.  About 45 minutes in they get on the topic of comparison and her advice is simple yet perfect.  She chooses happiness verses suffering.  The end.

Sure, Babe with Chrissy J Powers.  Comparison and Social Media.  A really helpful podcast on how to use comparison as a tool.  How to be intentional when using social media and a smart consumer of social media.

Here to Thrive with Kate Snowise. Episode #47 with Lucy Sheridan – Comparison & How it is Hurting Us.  Lucy is an expert in comparison and how comparisonitis (yep its a thang) can trip us up!  My favorite snippet from this episode was when she was asked about her “self care” routine.  Her response was not typical like take a bath or treat yourself.  Her answer was brilliant and life changing, “saying no when I mean it and saying yes when I mean it.” But not in that diva way, she said. In the sense that you are making YOUR life about YOU.  Saying no to things that don’t bring joy. Saying yes to things that do!  (plus saying no will also free up your yes time!)  “Living your life at full potency!”

Munhin with Moguls.  Creating A Space of that Get It Girl Mentality.  “A Podcast interviewing women who are making a difference in their community. Whether that’s by being a rockin’ mom, starting a business, or just being an all around rad lady. Talking about real things. Things that matter. Things like anxiety, depression, true happiness, being vulnerable, our relationship with social media, and how we can be more hopeful and intentional in our daily lives.”  I love their “Get it Girl” mentality.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy Print by Sawdust & Ink.


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