July Celebrations

Finally getting around to looking at all the photos from the fourth of July weekend.  We took a trip back to my husbands hometown Sioux City, IA.   Perry took me on the ferris wheel where  he discovered the end of the world and I discovered my new fear of ferris wheels.  Baby goats. Itty bitty baby goats!!! They kept trying to eat my shirt and I cant blame them. They also loved Leo’s hair, who doesn’t?  And a family photo…because that never happens and should happen more often!!   July is my favorite time of year. Lots of outdoor activities, grilling, birthday parties, and festivities.    Plus I celebrate my son in July and my wedding anniversary.


Momtog Part 2

I talked a lot about the selfie mode on my iPhone 6 over @momtog this week. I wanted to share some of my favorites from this past summer.  All from one day. They are candid, silly, and authentic. I think it sums up evertything about a summer day with my kids. I hope that I’ve inspired you all to enjoy your journey.  Tell your story. Embrace the blur, the grain, the silly. I hope that you’ve enjoyed a look into my world. Enjoy the tiniest moments as they’ll be gone in a flash!


Momtog Edits

I wanted to share a coupe of before and after edits using the Facetune app that Ive talked about over on @momtog.  The images on the left are after editing in Facetune.   The bottom examples I’m just realizing are not the same photo but you get the just of it!!



Naked Time!!

Yesterday someone commented and eluded to that fact they were concerned about the health of my children and lack of clothing. Insert biggest eye roll ever. I immediately deleted the comment because it just made me feel icky and I wanted to erase it from my mind. However, if you know me, things like this are hard to shake. Yes, I share photos of my kids without clothes on. Yes they have naked time. Please remember that a photo is a second in time and not a permanent view into someones life. It is an elusion. Often times, these photos are snapped after changing a diaper, showers or baths, in the morning when we are getting ready for the day. After a massive blow out. Have you ever watched your baby or childs face when you remove their diaper or clothing? Tickled their bare belly with your hair? Watched them with a fluffy blanket or stuffed animal? If you haven’t watched them closely during this time, you should. Its magical. Worried about a little baby pee. Me too but it can be washed up! I also want to point out that some of my photo ops are done while the littlest is napping. During this time, I actually remove his clothing while he is asleep and prop him in the photos. YES!!. Crazy he allows me to do it but he does and I love it. I was going to save that for a feature Im doing over at @momtog next month but the timing was perfect. A lot of the photos I take are for my Etsy shops. The perfectionist in me believes that clothing can distracting. I’ll choose neutral clothing or neutral colored diapers. Most of all, who doesn’t love soft marshmallow baby skin.

Now, not only were they concerned about naked time but they said he wears thin clothing outdoors. A little PSA, bulky coats and winter gear should not be worn in car seats. On a cold day if we are venturing out he wears layers under his fleece footed pajamas and a stocking cap is key! My car is warm. When we leave the car he his bundled up with me under my coat, a blanket it if we are going far but honestly the parking lot to the target entrance isnt far!! His coat is in the car in case of an emergency. If he isnt bundled with me and he’s in a shopping cart, the walk was short. The weather was fine. He was laughing and smiling. And possibly trying to eat the snow flakes that were falling from above.

Maybe instead of judging or assuming something take a big deep breath….look up at the big beautiful sky…remember we are all here together…and stick your tongue out and hopefully catch a tiny perfect snowflake. Be kind to one another. Sprinke that shit people!!!


Dear Leo

I can remember feeling huge pains of guilt when I was pregnant with you. Feeling like I wouldn’t be able to provide you with as much love as I did for your brother. Worried that it wouldn’t be the same. That we wouldn’t have the same bond. I also worried for your brother. I felt like I was cheating him.

When we left for the hospital that morning, i mostly thought about your brother. How excited he would be to meet you. And he was, he looked at you in that “little glass box” with such awe. I mostly worried about how he would adjust to sharing the spotlight. It wasn’t easy. I felt like all I did was say “hang on Perry, “just a minute Perry.” That guilt was heavy.

The first four months you spent in my arms. 24/7. We tried everything but in my arms you landed. I barely slept. I was a mess. Depressed and exhausted. What I remember most is not those feelings. I remember rocking you. Swaying with you. When I rocked you and your little arm dropped behind my back and held me as if to say thank you. Those nights and mornings that were filled with no sleep, I would remind myself how quickly you would grow. That soon you would only need me twice in the night….and maybe just maybe, once.

The night before your 1st birthday, I rocked you back to sleep at two am. I looked down and traced your little face. I traced your eyebrows. Down your cheeks. Those little lips. Around and around. Waiting for that little smile and sigh before you drift off. Remembering that I did the same thing to your brother and still do.

I no longer have feelings of guilt. That guilt is replaced with an overwhelmingly ability to love both you and your brother equally. Your brother adjusted just fine. He doesn’t remember me telling him to wait a million times. He doesn’t remember his life without you.

I read this recently from a mother to her one year old son, “The one constant throughout this wild ride is that my love for you, bud, just keeps on growing, at a faster rate than you do.” – Emily Hatch

I cant imagine my life without you, little WeeWo.

Daily Insta Love

Slow Living Explore

We took it slow today. I needed to take it slow. To be absolutely present. We walked around downtown like we use to. Hand in hand. The hand I slammed in the car door earlier this morning. The hand that was now sticky and sweet from the rice crispy treat I offered as an apology. I ordered it with tears in my eyes at the coffee shop counter. The sweet woman who was waiting for the parking spot when I slammed his hand in the door came over to comfort me. She told me she had a child herself. I just stood there and cried to her, “its just an off day.” She said, “I know.” And thats all you need to hear some days. “I know. I understand.” That was my cue to take it slow. We sat on the corner of a downtown street. I drank my coffee. He ate his treat. We examined the buildings, the broken streets and sidewalks, the old tracks, picked up treasures, and looked in old windows. I didnt think about my massive list for the upcoming pop up show. The anxieties of the changes to come to Wee Vintage did not enter my mind. I find the best reset for me, is these moments. The moments when you breath and just be.

One of my favorite instagram accounts is that of Danielle @hippieindisguise .   Danielle and Melanie from @geoffreyandgrace started the Slow Living Project.  Challenging themselves and others to take pleasure in slow living and being present in the moment.  This months focus was “explore.”  For more inspiration and information on the slow living project click here.

Daily Insta Love

32 Weeks

I saw this quote yesterday, “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” I have been so hard on myself this pregnancy. Maybe its the combination of emotions and hormones, mixed with some stressful life events that have caused me to nit pick myself this time around?! Who knows but yessh I need to give myself a damn break!!


Fair Going

A first timer at the fair. Soaked in the people, the rides, and the funnel cake!! 


Summer Fun

Finally getting around to uploading some of my favorite captures from Fourth of July weekend and Perry’s third birthday. Summer and really the month of July has to be the best time of year.

Daily Insta Love


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