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Interview with Under A Tin Roof

I’m excited to share this little interview I did with my friends at Under A Tin Roof.   I met Kayla through instagram and we’ve connected over the last year or so on a personal and business level.    This little interview is about how I started and why.  Plus a little bit about my daily life running a small business.  Be sure to follow Under A Tin Roof on Instagram and follow along Kayla’s adventures of mommy and business owner here.   Link to interview here.  Bonnet from Under a Tin Roof. Bloomers from Wee Vintage Baby

Daily Insta Love

Slow Living Explore

We took it slow today. I needed to take it slow. To be absolutely present. We walked around downtown like we use to. Hand in hand. The hand I slammed in the car door earlier this morning. The hand that was now sticky and sweet from the rice crispy treat I offered as an apology. I ordered it with tears in my eyes at the coffee shop counter. The sweet woman who was waiting for the parking spot when I slammed his hand in the door came over to comfort me. She told me she had a child herself. I just stood there and cried to her, “its just an off day.” She said, “I know.” And thats all you need to hear some days. “I know. I understand.” That was my cue to take it slow. We sat on the corner of a downtown street. I drank my coffee. He ate his treat. We examined the buildings, the broken streets and sidewalks, the old tracks, picked up treasures, and looked in old windows. I didnt think about my massive list for the upcoming pop up show. The anxieties of the changes to come to Wee Vintage did not enter my mind. I find the best reset for me, is these moments. The moments when you breath and just be.

One of my favorite instagram accounts is that of Danielle @hippieindisguise .   Danielle and Melanie from @geoffreyandgrace started the Slow Living Project.  Challenging themselves and others to take pleasure in slow living and being present in the moment.  This months focus was “explore.”  For more inspiration and information on the slow living project click here.

Daily Insta Love

32 Weeks

I saw this quote yesterday, “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” I have been so hard on myself this pregnancy. Maybe its the combination of emotions and hormones, mixed with some stressful life events that have caused me to nit pick myself this time around?! Who knows but yessh I need to give myself a damn break!!

Daily Insta Love